Saturday, January 10, 2015

My "Currently" List

I'll admit, study abroad has taken over my blog's content during the last few months. I was initially planning to post both lifestyle and travel articles while in Germany, but the travel bug bit me so hard that I could barely focus on anything else. I'm back now, and ready to hop on that lifestyle bandwagon once again.

I thought I'd celebrate my return to normalcy with another "currently" list, which I haven't done in a while. I love these types of posts because they let me connect to other bloggers and share my interests at the moment.

Here is what I'm currently...

Watching: "That 70's Show" is the perfect distraction while I try to pack for college. I'm also still hooked on "The Vampire Diaries."

Reading: I just finished "Nowhere But Here" by Renee Carlino – a very cute and entertaining romance novel!

Listening: I'm willing to confess that I really like some of Taylor Swift's new music, especially "Blank Space."

Eating: My mom has been cooking all of my favorite meals before I head back to Syracuse. On the menu this week: taco dip, jam cookies, homemade chex mix, and pumpkin bread.

Drinking: I'm a fanatic for Tim Hortons coffee, which unfortunately is only sold in northern states like New York and Michigan. (I always say that Tim Hortons has the best hot coffee, Dunkin' Donuts has the best iced coffee, and Starbucks has the best frilly drinks.) My boyfriend's parents were nice enough to get me Tim Hortons K-cups for Christmas, which I've been devouring!

Enjoying: Relaxing at home with minimal responsibilities

Wanting: Better weather. I was planning to move into my apartment in Syracuse on Friday, but the New York Thruway, which makes up half of my 6-hour commute to Syracuse, was closed due to extreme winter weather. I'm talking three feet of snow. I was going to drive today (Saturday) instead, but the weather was still too bad, complete with thunder snow (what?!). That means I have to drive 6+ hours to school, unpack my car, set up my apartment, and grocery shop tomorrow before classes start. Great.

Wearing: I've been loving the big knitted maroon scarf that I got for Christmas. I've been wearing it with everything!


Before I end my post,  I'd like to share a (hopefully) funny story.

I visited my boyfriend, Jake, in New York for New Year's. When he drove me back home, my family was still in Florida to enjoy the holiday season without three feet of snow. Now Jake is the type of guy who wears nothing but athletic shorts and hoodies in the frigid Syracuse winters, so I was taken aback when we stepped in my house and he said, "Does it feel a bit chilly to you in here?" After initially laughing at Jake, I realized that the floor felt like an icicle against my feet. I ran to look at the temperature control in my house: 45 degrees fahrenheit.

Jake and I tried unsuccessfully to fix the heater, calling my dad a dozen times for help. We finally had to accept that we were staying overnight in a 45-degree house. My nose was chilled and my hands were frozen, so we gathered as many blankets as we could, set up a space heater, and snuggled in to watch a movie with warm apple cider. Spending a night without heat isn't necessarily ideal, but Jake and I had a fun and cozy night that I will never forgot.

(Picture from Strasbourg, France)