Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You're Never Too Old To...

The other night while whipping up a box of Spongebob mac n' cheese, I asked myself a serious question: Am I too old for this? After all, my 21st birthday was in a few days. As I devoured my mac n' cheese, relishing in the fact that Kraft's character-shaped noodles are way cheesier than the original mac n' cheese noodles, I thought about the other things from my childhood that I shamelessly held on to over the years, from my obsession with dolphins to my tendency to get hangry.

Finally I decided that I wasn't too old for Spongebob mac n' cheese. We may feel the pressure of growing up, but that doesn't mean we have to let go of our childhood completely.

You're Never Too Old To...

1. Sing along to old-school Britney Spears and NSYNC tunes ("Baby bye, bye, bye!)

2. Call your mom with all of your problems

3. Refuse to eat the crusts of sliced bread

4. Secretly keep a stash of Disney music on your iPod

5. Eat Spongebob mac n' cheese, pizza rolls, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, popsicles, Sour Patch Kids, and other childhood treats

6. Sleep in on Saturday morning (and maybe Sunday, too)

7. Watch reruns of Full House

8. Binge on sugary cereals late at night (sometimes Cinnamon Toast Crunch just hits the spot)

9. Steal extra pieces of cookie dough or chocolate (see above picture)

10. Accept freebies from your parents

11. Hide during scary scenes in movies

12. Annoyingly pop the bubble wrap

Tell me: what are you never too old to do?