Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: The Witness by Nora Roberts

Today I'll be reviewing "The Witness," a romantic suspense novel by Nora Roberts.

The novel opens with Elizabeth, an obedient teenage girl whose life is completely controlled by her mother. One rebellious stint at a nightclub makes Elizabeth a witness to events that will change her life forever.

Twelve years later, Elizabeth, now a software programmer going by the name Abigail Lowery, lives a secluded life in a small town. She catches the eye of police chief Brooks Gleason, who is intrigued by Abigail's secrecy, sophisticated security system, and impressive collection of firearms. Brooks soon realizes that Abigail has a secret, and he tries to protect her from whatever, or whoever, she's afraid of.

This is the best book I've read (listened to?) in a long time! I loved everything about it – the suspense, the romance, the characters, and the plot. I was interested throughout the whole book, and I constantly wondered what would happen next. I can see why Nora Roberts is such a famous author; she created a vivid world of fiction with believable characters and an intrinsic plot.

Abigail isn't your typical protagonist. She's unbelievably smart, quirky, and socially awkward – and she talks with in a sophisticated and calculated manner. Similarly, Brooks isn't as smooth or dreamy as most male protagonists. But I think the uniqueness of the characters draws me to them even more. Both Brooks and Abigail are unforgettable because I've never seen other characters quite like them.

The Audiobook Experience: 
I listened to the audiobook version of "The Witness" during a long car trip, and I was very pleased with the narrator. She brought the story to life through her voice,  and she perfectly varied her accent between the characters. I can't even imagine listening to this novel with a different narrator. The audiobook lasted more than 7 hours, so it kept me entertained for quite a while. The best part about the audiobook was the price – I bought it for $5 on iTunes!

Rating: 5/5
"The Witness" is unlike any book I've ever read, thanks to the unusual characters and plot. This was my first novel by Nora Roberts, and I'm definitely planning on reading more in the future. I highly recommend "The Witness!"

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