Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Day Trip to Skaneateles

Sometimes life calls for a day trip.

On a warm day in May, my boyfriend Jake and I hopped in my car and drove 30 minutes from Syracuse to Skaneateles Lake.  The body of water, which is one of Central New York's Finger Lakes, is characterized by its beautiful scenery, high altitude, and clear water. We drove around the 16-mile lake and grabbed lunch in the neighboring village of Skaneateles. In the midst of Jake's final exams and my job hunting, a relaxing day trip is just what we needed.

A quick Google search referred us to Doug's Fish Fry

We stuffed our faces with perfectly cooked fish and chips

We also made an unexpected pit stop at Anyela's Vineyards for a wine tasting

The water was unbelievably clear

Houses tucked near the lake had spectacular views

Country roads stretched for miles