Saturday, May 7, 2016

Food Diaries

My name is Nicole, and I'm addicted to taking pictures of my food.

I whip out my phone as soon as my meal arrives in a restaurant, moving the plate around in front of me until I find the best angle for a snapshot. Nearly 200 food-related images fill the storage capacity of my phone. "I'll find a use for these one day," I think. But I never actually do.

That's where Food Diaries comes in. I wanted a way to share my foodie pictures without writing a full-length restaurant review for each dish. I hope these images don't make you too hungry!

Beef hot pot from Sushi Asia Gourmet in Akron, OH

Sushi shots (Ahi tuna sashimi, wonton cups, avocado salsa, wasabi, soy sauce) from Rosewood Grill in Hudson, OH

Cheeseburger from Empire Brewing Company in Syracuse, NY

Breakfast burritos from Spoons in Baltimore, MD

Sushi platter (salmon, tuna, yellowtail) from Sushi Asia Gourmein Akron, OH