Monday, June 15, 2015

NYC Weekly Highlights

I'm trying to take advantage of New York City as much as possible this summer, which means non-stop sightseeing every weekend. I absolutely love exploring the city! Every day I stumble across new and exciting shops, building, live music, and restaurants. While I'm planning to give each of my major adventures its own blog post, I want to document my smaller discoveries as well. That's where these "NYC Weekly Highlights" come into play. With these posts, I hope to give a snippet of my favorite things from the previous week and weekend. Let's get started!

1. Walking on the high line, an elevated railroad track turned into a walking path.
I found this painting of Einstein near the 16th street entrance!

2. Bracing the crowd at the Chelsea Market
Did you know the market has shops for books, bread, wine, cheese, chocolate, coffee, and even clothes? Sounds like my kind of place!

3. Exploring new areas of Central Park
I've only walked in the first half of Central Park before, from Columbus Circle to 72nd Street. This weekend I ventured further, walking from 80th street to 100th street. Some places are so secluded and forest-y that you almost forget you're in NYC!

 4. Relaxing in Washington Square Park
Although I always find many interesting people in this park, it's one of my favorite places to relax.

5. Window shopping in SoHo
Most shops in SoHo are way too expensive for a college student with an unpaid internship, but I still enjoy walking around the beautiful area.

Do you have any "must see" places in New York City?