Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Favorite YouTube Channels

I've always been a huge YouTube junkie. Ever since middle school, I've turned to YouTube for anything from makeup advice to song lyric compilations (and the occasional Fred video... I had great taste in middle school). The website is undeniably addicting. I could start watching a smoothie recipe and end up still glued to my computer an hour later watching Jimmy Kimmel videos.

My favorite YouTubers change pretty much every week, but I have a solid list of accounts I've been following for a quite a while now. Here are some of my favorites...

Ingrid Nilsen - missglamorazzi  

I've been watching Ingrid for years now! She was originally a fashion/beauty guru but started doing recipe, lifestyle, and DIY videos, too. Her personality is so quirky and fun. You can tell she puts a lot of work into her videos.

The Saccone Jolys- SACCONEJOLYs 

The SacconeJoly's have uploaded a YouTube vlog every day for more than four years. During that time, Jonathan and Anna (the vloggers) got married, had two kids, and very recently moved from Ireland to London. Their simple life never fails to entertain me, and little Emilia and baby Eduardo (and their six dogs) are adorable! Anna also has her own YouTube channel and fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog,

Zoe - Zoella

Zoe is my one of my latest YouTube discoveries, even though she's been popular for years (with over 5 million subscribers!). She's known for her beauty and fashion videos, but I especially like her fun lifestyle videos and helpful advice videos. You can tell she's very open and honest to her viewers.

Nick Pitera- goonieman86

If you enjoy singing videos, you have to check out Nick Pitera. His character voices are flawless. My favorite is the One Man Disney Movie... I still don't understand how he can nail the voices of Disney princes, princesses, and villains.