Monday, August 4, 2014

A Quiet Weekend In The City

I have incredibly mixed feelings about leaving New York City on Thursday. I'm excited to relax with my family in Ohio before heading off to Berlin, but I'm also sad to leave my awesome internship and teeny-tiny dorm room. As a final goodbye to the City, I knew I wanted to make my last weekend special.

I've been in here since May, but this was only my second weekend without any visitors. You'd be surprised at how many people flock to see you when you're living in Manhattan!  I love when visitors come – I have an excuse to try new restaurants and do fun tourist-y things. Aside from get-togethers with people from work, I was alone this weekend to follow my own schedule and cross the rest of the items from my bucket list.

I went shopping and scored some $8 jeans, sat around in different parks, tried a lavender latte, bought little souvenirs for my family, and blogged in Starbucks for an hour. I walked around New York University and braved the tourists in Central Park. I also battled some extreme anxiety about studying abroad and the new college semester, which was obviously super fun

Being alone while shopping or eating used to make me feel super awkward, but I've gotten over that fear this summer. No matter where you go, people are always walking alone, eating alone, sitting on the subway alone... in a city with so many people, you have to adapt to being alone in a big crowd sometimes. Plus, shopping or walking by yourself allows you to let off some steam and, depending on the circumstance, can be way more convenient.

I know I'll be back to NYC in the future, but a relaxing weekend yet productive made leaving seem a little more final.