Friday, August 15, 2014

College Campus? More Like A Resort

My family and I moved my little sister into her college dorm at Florida Gulf Coast University today. She's only two years younger than me, but I felt super old as I helped her decorate her dorm. We've had our fair share of spats over the years... she likes to steal my clothes and we have completely opposite personalities. But we've also had countless "sister" moments, from cutting our Barbie dolls' hair in elementary school to sharing my twin-sized dorm bed for a couple of days last year. It's strange having a little sister in college, but I know she'll do great!

Now let's take a moment to drool over the FGCU campus, which is really more like a resort than a campus. I'm not even exaggerating – the first thing you notice is all of the tropical-looking buildings and palm trees. The freshman dorms have their own swimming pool with lounge chairs and pool toys, literally 20 steps from my sister's dorm. The college even has its own beach with free boat rentals.

Don't even get me started on the dorms. My sister has a large, apartment-style dorm with her own room and a HUGE closet. The dorm building has its own mini movie theater, a lounge with actual arcade games like skee ball, and a laundry room right down the hall. Talk about jealousy! I don't know how those students are going to get any school work done.

Although my sister's college campus is super nice, I bleed orange and wouldn't trade my time at Syracuse for anything. My school really is perfect for me – I just love the old buildings, my awesome journalism school, the basketball team, and even the snowy winters. Just like I can't see myself going to school in Florida, I can't see my sister going to school at Syracuse. Every college is so unique, and choosing a college that matches your personality is key. I'll always love Syracuse, even when my sister sends me pictures of the beach in December while I'm walking to class is snowy, cold, -30 degree Fahrenheit weather.