Sunday, August 2, 2015

Good Morning, Baltimore!

Good morning, Baltimore! Every day’s like an open door…

When I visited my boyfriend in Baltimore last weekend, I could not get this song out of my head! Jake works as the marketing intern at Under Armour (cue proud girlfriend moment) and I recently visited him in the southern city. He’s living in a cute little townhouse, or “rowhouse” as locals call it, within walking distance of bars, restaurants, and sightseeing attractions. 

We spent a chunk of weekend talking and catching up, but Jake also played the role of tour guide and showed me his Under Armour offices, as well as some of his favorite hangouts. Here are some pictures from the weekend, if you’re interested.

We ate lunch at Mother’s Federal Hill Grille, a pub-type restaurant, and I ordered the best buffalo chicken sandwich I’ve ever had – it came with melted cheese, bacon, and homemade blue cheese dressing. People in Baltimore love spice and are specifically partial to Old Bay, since the mixture was invented there, so my sandwich had a generous amount of spice and flavor. 

Jake ordered the equally delicious chili burger. 

From the elevated Federal Hill Park, we could see the Inner Harbor and downtown area.

This building  – which I think is the American Visionary Art Museum – has beautiful tiled art on the sides.

Baltimore recommendations: Cowboys and Rednecks (C & R pub) for drinks and county music, Mother's Federal Hill Grille for tasty and spicy pub food, and Federal Hill Park for great views of the harbor. Make sure to lounge by the Inner Harbor and try Baltimore's famous cuisine: Maryland blue crab! 

Baltimore isn't as big or bustling as NYC, but the city is great for a relaxed weekend getaway.