Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Currently List

This Monday marks my last first day of school. Since I'm graduating in December, it also marks the beginning of my final semester at Syracuse University. Graduating early is bittersweet for sure; I'm ready and excited to start my career, but I'm sad to leave my beloved alma mater behind. 

I haven't done a currently list for my blog in a while, so I figured I'd write one now between packing and prepping for school. 

Here is what I'm currently...

Watching: I've finally jumped on the Orange is the New Black bandwagon, and I completely understand the hype. The show is so addicting and perfect for binge watching! 

Reading: I unfortunately haven't cracked open another book since finishing Twenties Girl (read my review!) but I have a long list of titles on my "to read" list. I'm also downloading an audio book today to keep me company during my six-hour drive to Syracuse. As of now, I think I'm going with The Girl on the Train 

Listening: My favorite song of the moment is the catchy country tune "Save It for a Rainy Day" by Kenny Chesney.

Eating: My mom bought me a NutriBullet for school, so I've been testing it out and making healthy green juices. Maybe I'll share some of my favorite juice recipes on my blog. My mom also picked up some Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and although I rarely eat junk food, I have been munching through the bag like crazy. I can't resist!

Drinking: I'm sticking to coffee and water, like always. However, I had one of the best margaritas at my favorite local Mexican joint the other day!

Enjoying: This weekend, my parents and I looked through old family photos from their childhood, and everyone loved the trip down memory lane. I also found the adorable picture below, which shows my dad and I at Christmastime in 1994. 

Wanting: I'm focused on enjoying my last few days of summer vacation. I'm also feeling really nostalgic about my time in Germany, since I arrived for my study abroad session one year ago this week. I would love to go abroad again sometime soon.

Wearing: Today feels like September instead of August, so I'm wearing sweatpants and a warm hoodie. I'm secretly excited to bring out the cozy sweaters and riding boots soon!