Monday, July 14, 2014

A Weekend in Syracuse

I've been living in overdrive ever since coming to New York City in May. Life here is more fast-paced than in the Midwest, which is a welcome but exhausting change. The quiet time I used to crave in college is harder to find amid bustling crowds, packed subways, and even 20-minute lines at the grocery store (which is totally my fault for shopping in Columbus Circle during the 6:00 rush).

Although I've learned to love being in the heart of the excitement, I jumped at the chance to spend a weekend in Syracuse with my boyfriend. Jake is interning with a sports company in Syracuse (where we both go to college), so we've been doing the "long distance relationship" thing for the second summer in a row. Last summer, I was home in the Midwest and he was in upstate New York. Long distance relationships are tough to begin with, but even tougher when both parties have internships with different schedules and no cars.

Since I work only three days per week, I hopped on a bus Thursday afternoon and trekked up to Syracuse, where there is surprisingly little to do when school isn't in session. We spent long days watching Netflix, eating popcorn, telling corny jokes, stumbling onto an outdoor concert downtown, and hanging around the mall. I thought I'd get bored going from crazy NYC to quieter Syracuse, but another laid-back weekend is just what I needed. Jake and I are actually the lame people who often watch Netflix to instead of go to a party on Saturday night. I really don't need a sprawling city to have fun... all I need is great company!

 We never venture to downtown Syracuse, and I have to say I was impressed by the beauty of it
(Credits to Jake)

A playful fountain, reminiscent of Washington Square Park (Credits to Jake)

My first time at Dinosaur BBQ, which is beloved by the Syracuse community
(College kids + BBQ = a love affair)

BBQ ribs, baked beans, and salad