Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Highlights

I spent the long holiday weekend relaxing with my family in Florida, soaking up the sunshine and salty air. A few low-key days turned out to be exactly what I needed after spending almost two months in the concrete jungle. Time always seems to pass so slowly at the beach, when your only worry is whether to order shrimp or fish for dinner. I went back to New York City ready to take on my two-day work (well, internship) week.

I wasn't back in the City for too long, though, since I packed up my bags again on Thursday and headed to Central New York to visit my boyfriend for the weekend. Long distance relationships are tough, but spending an entire weekend together makes the efforts worthwhile.

Soaking up the sunshine on a boat ride through the Gulf

Fourth of July fireworks on the beach- amazing. The entire beach lit up with color.

 Putting my boating license to good use

 After many failed attempts, I was finally able to kneeboard!

 Grouper tacos... A delicious staple in Southwestern Florida

With my boyfriend, Jake (older picture)