Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Days and Long Goodbyes

Blogging about relationships is hard stuff, because you never know how are people are going to take it. But this is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, and my relationship is a big part of my life, so here it goes.

A few days ago, Jake came to visit me in New York City for the second time this summer (hence the lack of blog posts). We had the most amazing four days, complete with a trip to Coney Island, last minute tickets to see Jersey Boys on Broadway, loads of new restaurants, a romantic walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, and miles of walking all over the city. And also lots of tears, because this was the last time I'm able to see Jake until December.

I'm leaving to study abroad in Berlin in a couple of weeks, and Jake has to travel with our school's football team. We'll be within a few hours of each other for short time, but our schedules conflict so we can't make the trip to see each other.

I've broken up with boyfriends before, and I've been broken up with, but watching Jake's bus drive away on Sunday was one of the hardest things I've done in a relationship. That man is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my number one confidant. He knows all of my secrets and irrational anxieties. He even puts up with me when I forget to eat and act like a crazy lady, which I give him endless amounts of credit for.

During the school year, we saw each other every single day. We studied together, watched movies together, ate lunch together. And even though we were "long distance" for two summers now, we still saw each other two or three times per month. Now we have almost five months to wait. I know we'll have a difficult road ahead, but we're both willing to put in the work.

So here's to Skype dates and iMessages (no calls or texts from Europe!). Here's to celebrating our two-year anniversary a little early. Here's to handwritten letters, stuffed animals, chocolate-covered almonds, and any other gift I can squeeze in my suitcases bound for Europe. And here's to taking over Syracuse again this fall.

(Also, here's some photos of our long weekend in New York City.)

We couldn't have picked a better night for walking over the Brooklyn Bridge
The fountain in Central Park is always a nice place to relax 
"Our spot" in Central Park: A rock formation overlooking the skyline
Indulging in $2 Boba Tea in Chinatown
We got discounted tickets for Jersey Boys on Broadway (amazing show!)